Cleaning and Detailing Tips to Make Your Car as Good as New

The surface of your car is more or less like your face. It requires proper care if it is to have a healthy glow. In the past, car cleaning and detailing was purely a professional job because the techniques used could not be applied by a DIY enthusiast.

Today, so many things have changed and with interest, you can actually detail your car yourself to the same level a professional would have done it. The following tips will help you clean and detail your car smoothly.

Evaluate the Exterior and Interior
Your vehicle needs to be cared for not just on the outside, but also the inside. The rugs, handles, carpets, headliner, and the dashboard require as much attention as the roof, wheels, hood, and tires. The cleaning process should be done at a moderate pace because rushing it will leave other areas unattended to. You can even do the interior one day and the exterior the following day to ensure a thorough job.
Scrub Your Carpets with Stiff Brushes
Using stiff brushes; loosen the dirt from the upholstery and carpets. If your car has leather seats, it’s preferable to use a conditioner that has aloe ingredients. For the dirt lodged in nooks and crannies somewhere on your car floor, blow it away with compressed air.
Duct Cleaning with Compressed Air
Using a small portable compressor; blow the dirt and dust that have settled in the heating and air conditioning components of your car including the vents. Aim high-pressure air at the duct walls located behind the vent grills. This is where dirt and dust sticks causing musty smells. If the car you are cleaning has a cabin air filter, remove it and blow the dirt and dust or change it altogether.

Use Non-Acid Tire Cleaners
When you go to most professional car cleaning companies, professionals use mixed acid solutions to stripe residue and clean dirt off new tires. However, if you are doing it at home, it is recommended that you use non-acid products.

Acid cleaners can potentially oxidize bare alloy wheels or even damage wheels that have been painted or coated. You can use a de-greaser on your wheels, but try and avoid detergents because they can damage paint if they splash on your tires.

Polish in Order to Smooth Out the Paint
If you want your car to shine and look much newer, polish it. This is because polishing helps to smooth the paint surface. Polishes that contain wax may have an added advantage because the wax protects your car paint. Instead of using a rotating polishing machine, you can use an oscillating machine because this doesn’t move as fast and as such appropriate for home-based car cleaners. Car detailing Baltimore

Protect Your Paint with Wax
When it left the factory, your car had a clear coat which wore off with time leaving the paint to battle out with the elements on its own. Wax is the sacrificial component that will defend your car paint against small scratches and stains. Because wax doesn’t last long on your car paint, it is advisable that you wax every season.

In your cleaning and detailing, do not forget your glass because it also accumulates dirt and grime over time. A glass cleaner can do a good job after which you should buff the glass using a microfiber cloth.